Commercial HVAC

Hobson Fabricating has an unmatched reputation among commercial fabrication experts and professionals in the Pacific Northwest. We provide multiple commercial HVAC services, including design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance. 

Hobson Fabricating possesses half a century of experience, an in-house design team, high-tech metals expertise, and the knowhow to tackle complex jobs. We’re one of the largest Idaho-based mechanical contractors, and we continually set ourselves apart from the competition through a consistent delivery of high quality commercial contracting solutions.

We proudly offer HVAC design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance services to the following sectors:

  • Government Buildings

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  • Universities icon


  • Laboratories icon

    Industrial Facilities

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    Commercial Buildings

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For us, no job is too complex or difficult. Throughout our history, we’ve designed, built, installed, and delivered on successful HVAC projects for large commercial buildings in high-traffic areas, universities, large industrial facilities, hospitals, research facilities, and many other job site types. 


Our Process

Before building and installing happens, planning needs to take place. This preconstruction phase allows us to deliver a project strategy that gets you what you want at the price you expect.

Because our work is often part of a larger construction effort, Hobson Fabricating develops its plans in harmony with the projects master plan. This helps us identify scheduling conflicts and safety concerns and to establish protocols that work around them.

Having the company that designed your materials install your materials is invaluable. And thatʼs exactly what we do.


‘Complicated’ is Our Specialty 

For Hobson Fabricating, no job is outside of our purview. We can handle your job site’s HVAC project, no matter how large or complex it is. We’ve completed projects of every size and scope imaginable, and we have the experience and personnel to deliver on even the most demanding and complex projects. 

Hobson Fabricating delivers excellent results on:

  • New construction
  • Design/builds
  • High end remodels 
  • HVAC upgrades
  • Downtown Boise projects

Difficult and complicated jobs are our specialty. We know the public works codes and we’ve worked extensively with the State of Idaho and various municipalities. Additionally, we have completed numerous stringent high-tech design/build projects and clean room construction, including hazardous materials laboratories. We’re well known for tackling multimillion-dollar commercial HVAC contracts and completing them on time and as-bid. 
Hobson Fabricating is well-versed in Building Information Modeling (BIM), and we run several different 3D CAD packages that seamlessly integrate with our fabrication shop. 

Hobson Fabricating’s HVAC Clients Include:

  • Micron
  • Boise State University
  • The University of Idaho
  • St. Luke’s Health System
  • St. Alphonsus Health System
  • The State of Idaho
  • NxEdge
  • Boise School District
  • Meridian School District
  • Photronics

No matter the size, scope, or nature of your HVAC project, Hobson Fabricating can deliver. Contact us today. 

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