Roofing and Architectural

Hobson Fabricating’s Division 7 department handles commercial roofing, specialty roofing, and architectural metals. Each of our other departments work together seamlessly with our roofing team, ensuring the best commercial fabrication and roofing work in all of Southern Idaho. We’ve done repeat business with contractors, architects, engineers, business owners, property owners, and high-tech customers across three states.


Our Expertise

Our roofing and architectural team is large and tackles many diverse jobs for customers from many different walks of life. If you need commercial or specialty roofing services, or architectural metal fabrication and installation, we can help complete your project.

As an authorized fabricator of Alcotex aluminum composite panels, we can meet your needs, both affordably and efficiently. In-house fabrication and expert installation reduce our costs by about 20%, and cuts in half the amount of time it takes to get a job done.

Hobson’s expert fabricators, experienced installers, and their attention to detail make sure our fabrication is 100% accurate-- and we can also install anything we fabricate. Having the company that designed your materials install those materials is invaluable for any project, and that’s exactly what we do.


Hobson Fabricating Specializes in: 

  • Commercial single ply and metal roofing
  • Metal roof panels
  • Metal wall panels
  • Soffit and flashings
  • Aluminum composite material panels 
  • Residential flat low slope roofs
  • Rooftop gardens 
  • Paver decks 



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Why Choose Hobson Fabricating?

When it comes to commercial roofing, specialty roofing, and structural/architectural metals, our people and processes set us apart from the competition.

From project conception to operation, Hobson Fabricating provides:

  • In-house Design

    We don’t outsource our engineering design plans. Our in-house design team, provides start-to-finish guidance and enables us to get every job started off on the right foot.
  • Metals Expertise

    We don’t just hire talented professionals. Our team of talented craftsmen are experts in structural and architectural metals.
  • Multiple Departments

    Our fabricating specialists, installers, technicians, engineers, designers, and office staff work as one seamless, cohesive unit-- we can meet any project’s requirements. 
  • Experience

    We have been in business for more than 50 years, operating under the same ownership since 1985.
  • Size

    We operate from a 30,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility, and we employ a full staff of designers, fabricators, and installers. 
  • Reputation

    We’re well known in the industry among architects, among enterprise businesses, and among contractors for showing up on time, delivering on our promises, and getting the job done right the first time.

No project is too difficult, demanding, or complex for us. If you need a team of design, installation, and fabrication specialists for your roofing or other Division 7 project, then contact Hobson Fabricating today.

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